Dr. Mickra Hamilton is Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Human Potential/Apeiron Academy, and a Colonel and Human Performance Subject Matter Expert in the United States Air Force Reserves. She is a “Human Systems Designer,” and creative disruptor in the field of Epigenetic Human Potential Coaching creating a new paradigm for what is possible for human performance and potential.  Dr. Hamilton skillfully works with a systems-based precision approach to optimize the performance and potential of the human system by leveraging genomic and epigenetic lifestyle strategies along with leading edge research and technologies. This personalized, evidence-based approach addresses the physiological, emotional, mental, and energetic aspects of the “human system” to enhance the human experience, both in how we interact with our internal and external environment and how this impacts the collective environment.   Dr. Hamilton knows that homeostatic balance and thriving well-being is the very scaffolding of a life well lived and the beginning of a remarkable journey into the realms of limitless human potential.

Dr. Hamilton has always had an appetite for the adventures of life and the endless opportunities available to upgrade the human experience. Her path to optimized living through enhanced performance and potential began early with the questions, “What are the limits of human existence in one who knows no limits?”  “How does the human experience change when all the perceived limitations are removed?” These questions charted the course for a lifelong quest for the answers. Significant training, discipline, focus and sustained actions over time resulted in the experiential knowing of the limitless nature of self and other.  Recognizing that everything matters in our interactions, she consciously designs her experience to live life on purpose with a purpose in service to self and service to others, fully aware that they are one and the same.

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