We believe that you are limitless.

Together, we stand at the edge of rapidly expanding human evolution and many game changing new paradigms. Scientific discoveries, rapid technological advancements and the mapping of the human genome have offered us a unique opportunity to create a new state of human thriving never before known to be possible, this is the Apeiron difference.

Through leadership in clinician education, clinical application of advanced technologies, biometric monitoring, and community development, Apeiron has created a movement. This movement is changing the world-view of what is possible for each of us.

The Apeiron collective is guided by this amazing group of people that truly see life as limitless. They live this philosophy and all possess the mindset of human sovereignty being paramount.

Daniel Stickler, M.D.

Co-Founder/Chief Medical Officer

Mickra Hamilton, AuD

Co-Founder / CEO

Michael Ostrolenk MA

Director of Human Resilience

Samuel Stickler

eCommerce Director of Operations
sara rae german, apeiron center asheville

Sarah Rae German

eComemrce Director of Purchasing & Logistics / Center Administrator

Alex King

Digital Media Director

Heather Phillips

Creative Director & eCommerce Distribution

Taylor Ambrose

Center Director of Wellness

Renae Marion

Center Wellness Coordinator

Danica Warren

Center Director

Tabea Arn

International Relations

Justin Brach

Lead Marketing Strategist & IT


Ivy Ross

Vice President, Design for Hardware Products at Google

Daniel Schmachtenberger

Chief Strategy Officer, Co-founder Neurohacker Collective

Duleesha Kulasooriya

Lead strategist for Deloitte’s Center for the Edge

Terry Clark

New Center Development

Curt Mitchell

Human Performance Specialist


bkennedy copy

Brian Kennedy, PhD

Director of the Centre for Healthy Ageing at the National University Health System, Singapore.

Hyla Cass, M.D.

Physician, Author, Speaker, Consultant

Dr. Mario E. Martinez

Clinical neuropsychologist. Developed his theory of Biocognitive Science
Dave Seiver High Res 5279-2 copy

Dave Siever

Founder of MindAlive Inc. Dave also designs Cranio-Electro Stimulation and transcranial DC stimulation devices.
Peter Litchfield Photo copy

Peter Litchfield, PhD

Ph.D. in experimental psychology. Respiratory psychophysiology and educational capnography have been his exclusive focus.

Nicholas Dogris, PhD, QEEG-D, BCN

He is the CEO of Neurofield, Inc, the Director of Neuroscience for FHE Health  and a licensed psychologist.
Tiff Pic phil channing copy

Tiff Thompson, PhD, R.EEG.T, BCN, QEEG-D

Board certified neurotherapist, licensed psychotherapist, and Quantitative EEG Diplomate.