“It is our duty as (humans) to proceed as though the limits of our abilities do not exist.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Limitless Body Program

Our body is our vehicle, the one that allows us to get around and interact in the world. It is important to keep the body tuned and healthy so that we can experience life to its fullest. We tend to take our bodies for granted as we progress from youth into adulthood and even then we begin our career with that feeling of – I will focus on my body when I (fill in the blank). 

Think about getting a shiny new car at the age of 16 and told that it would be the only car you will ever be allowed to use. Those first ten years or so, you want to really play and enjoy this great vehicle but then the years of stress, pushing the limits, skipping the yearly check-ups, they start to show and suddenly you look at your car and its not getting you around as well and in the style you prefer. Now you are suddenly faced with the reality of repairs and replacement parts. You make efforts to really polish it up and care for it and some of these repairs or replacements are hard to find. Quality body work for your car will take a specialty shop because your car is unique.

Our Limitless Body Program is ready to take on these repairs and upgrades for your human vehicle. We have taken the knowledge and experience of the past 20 years of our work in optimizing performance of the human system and packaged it into a system that tunes up the body to create a high performing new vehicle.

This is not a cookie-cutter approach, we recognize that every person is different. Despite sharing 99% of identical DNA, that 1% difference is what makes each of us unique. We will obtain your genetics, a comprehensive blood panel, a quality of life assessment, and an extensive intake questionnaire, all of which will give us a picture of your current state so that we can create a plan that is designed specifically for you.

This Program Includes:

  • Precision nutrition plan – based on your genetics, labs, goals, and preferences. The last one is important because we want you to develop eating habits with the foods you enjoy.
  • Guidance on exercise that is best suited for your preferences, goals and genetics
  • Access to cutting edge peptide therapies and prescription medications
  • Guidance to the best supplementation for your genetics and goals
  • Access to a supportive online community with weekly live question and answer sessions with our team of physicians, dietitians, and psychologists.
  • Online education modules on topics that are relevant to your goals