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Nutrition X X X
Hunger and Snacking (21 Markers incl. COMT and FTO) X X X
Insulin Resistance (17 Markers) X X X
Food Sensitiviities (12 Markers) – This includes Grain/Gluten/Dairy Senstivity X X X
Macronutrient Propensities – Carbs Fats Protein – 41 Markers incl PLIN1 X X X
Omega 3 (8 Markers incl BDNF and TNF) X X X
Anti-Vegetarian Genetics – (6 Markers) X X X
Metabolism (6 Markers including PPARGC1A)
Supplementation X X X
Vitamin B12 – (6 Markers) X X X
Vitamin B6 – (3 Markers X X X
Vitamin B9/Folate (7 Markers) X X X
Vitamin B1/Thyamine (1 Marker) X X X
Vitamin A – (6 Markers) X X X
Vitamin C – (4 Markers X X X
Vitamin E – (6 Markers) X X X
Vitamin D – (9 Markers incl. Klotho) X X X
Vitamin K – (3 Markers) X X X
Copper, Zinc, Iron (11 Markers) X X X
Choline (5 Markers) X X X
Magnesuim (6 Markers) X X X
Selenium (6 Markers) X X X
Nitric Oxide (6 Markers) X X X
Caffeine (5 Markers) X X X
Sleep X X X
Morning vs Evening Chronotype (8 Markers incl AANAT) X X X
Sleep Onset Time (8 Markers) X X X
Sleep Duration (12 Markers including DEEC2) X X X
Sleep Disruption (10 Markers) X X X
Sleep Movement and Daytime Drowsiness (9 Snips) X X X
Melatonin (7 Snips) X X X
Athletic Performance X X
Cardiovascular, Metabolic, and Muscular VO2 Max (45!! Markers incl PPARGC1A and AMPD1) X X
Muscle Fatigability and Exercise Recovery (18 Markers) X X
Strength and Hypertrophy Genetics (23 Markers incl ACTN3, AGER2, and ACE) X X
Power vs Endurance Propensity (25 Markers) X X
Soft Tissue Genetics (28 Markers) X X
Medication and Anesthetic Metabolism (11 Snips) X
Methylation and Acetylation (13 Markers incl MTHFR) X
Antioxidant Systems (12 Markers incl GPX1) X
Mitochondrial Function (14 Markers incl NRF2 and SOD2) X
Mold, Hystamine, and Envirotoxin Sensitivity (17 Markers incl MAO-B and HNMT) X
Heavy Metal Processing (19 Markers) X
Hormones X
Thyroid (11 Markers) X
Autoimmune Thyroid (10 Markers) X
Cortisol (13 Markers) X
Estrogen (9 Markers) X
Testosterone Production, Binding, and Breakdown (21 Markers) X
Bone Density (15 Markers) X