Ameya Nagarkar

Epigenetic & Lifestyle Optimization Coach
Epigenetic & Lifestyle Optimization
Apeiron Certified Epigenetic/ DNA Coach focusing on Lifestyle Optimization. In his journey & quest towards thriving & living his best life - he has tried different diets, fitness/ exercise regimens, he has experienced yoga, ayurveda, energy healing, sound healing, emotional release, guided meditation, brainwave entrainment, mantra meditation, breath work, ecstatic dancing, wearable technologies & AI inspired music & various other modalities and has a personal and experiential understanding of these tools & techniques. Most recently, Ameya has experienced the power of these 10 Fundamental Pillars of Health in his life and now wants to share these to others: Light, EMF, Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, Exercise, Relations, Purpose, Mental & Emotional Health.