Kelly Rompel

Pharmacist, Certified Epigenetics Coach, & Published Author
Helping people to boost mood and energy naturally and avoid unnecessary medications
Kelly Rompel is a Pharmacist, Best Selling Author, and Holistic Health and Epigenetic Coach. She is the author of, “Don’t Tell Me To Relax”, host of the Rebel Whitecoat Podcast, and founder of Wildroots Wellness. After graduating from St Louis College of Pharmacy in 2006, her love for natural medicine and and holistic health grew and she decided to further her education at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Apeiron Academy where she earned her health coaching and epigenetics certifications. Her holistic approach to coaching combines pharmacy and science knowledge with her love for natural medicine, energy healing, and holistic health. Kelly loves helping her clients uncover the root cause of their health concerns so they can avoid unnecessary prescription medications, and become the healthiest most energetic version of themselves.