Paola Zuazua

Epigenetic & Functional Medicine Coach
Root Causes & Early Life
I have a life-long interest in consciousness, sentience, being and the origins/root causes of health and wellbeing. I have developed particular interest in how our earliest experiences shape who we become and shape our health and how our genes mark and express. I am honored to be part of every of my clients journeys. My primary goal is to making it easy for you to do the right thing, to make conscious decisions about the best for your being, what I call your BEST-Being. My programs are designed to address root causes and understand the underlying mechanism of your concerns. You gather this knowledge and we design an ideal plan that honors and optimizes your health. We create the ever-optimizing on-going expression of you by applying strategies, and incorporating your own precision DNA blueprint. You are your own and unique gene control. Your lifestyle choices, your nutrition and your lifetime experiences are the environment that imprints on your biology. To understand the environment that has been interacting with your unique DNA coding, we will work with my 4 main pillars You get asked about your own story and life as about your family history to better understand how your environment has been communicating with your DNA. Learn more, visit: