Dawn Terwilliger

Certified Epigenetic Coach, Psychological Kinesiologist
Performance Optimization, Neurobiomechanics
You have a biochemical individuality and genetic uniqueness that sets you apart from every other human being. By embracing yourself as a category of one you possess the ability to rid yourself of whatever it is that is preventing you from living a happy and healthy life. Combining art and science for improving the environment around you and inside you to enhance optimum performance, my goal is to get the most out of your body and mind on a daily basis. As Epigenetic DNA Performance Coach and Psychological Kinesiologist specializing in nutrigenetics and neurobiomechanics, I help my clients decode their unique performance blueprint. Using cutting edge, science-based technology combined with 25 plus years of experience in the health and wellness industry, together we can carve the path to your extraordinary. For more visit https://www.InfluentialDNA.com