Brandy Preston

Nurse Practitioner
Weight loss, hormones, and genetics
Brandy entered the health care field over 25 years ago at 20 years old as a Registered Nurse in an Intensive Care Unit. During her 9 years working in this environment she reached the highest rank possible with many critical care certifications. In 2004 she started her career as a Family Nurse Practitioner and developed a large primary care practice. This still left her unfulfilled as she wasn’t making a positive impact with more pharmaceuticals and 10 minute visits with her patients. Brandy then became desperate to find more solid answers to help her patients, her family, and herself with serious health issues that didn’t make sense to treat the way she was taught in school. She developed the sense that the body has an innate ability to heal and function optimally if given the foundation and support to do so. Making it her quest to seek truth for optimal health she started studying nutrition, fitness, function medicine, genetics, and epigenetics. She is now board certified in Functional Medicine, a certified epigentic/ genetic coach, certified personal trainer, and is pursuing her doctorate degree in nutrition. She holds numerous specialty certifications within the functional medicine realm. She has lead numerous groups to achieve lasting weight loss and health improvements with lifestyle modifications which epigenetically have positive influence on genetic expression.