Michael Brooks

Epigenetic Coach / Personal Trainer / Precision Nutrition
Coaching clients that want to be happy and look and feel amazing.
Michael Brooks is a certified Epigenetic coach and has over 35 years experience in the fitness field as a certified Personal trainer , Precision Nutrition Coach, Yoga/Mobility instructor, Black Belt Martial arts , Surfer, former CrossFit Coach and and founder of YoungerByTomorrow and YBTFit, a Wellness & fitness program whose primary directive is longevity & performance. Michael has been married for over 35 years to his beautiful South American wife Lorenz and has lived and trained clients in North ,Central and South America and has multiple certifications in the Wellness field and is always working to further his knowledge on how to optimize health span for his clients, himself and family through precision diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications based upon and your unique DNA, lab testing and personal goals.