Ethan Turner

Epigenetic Lifestyle Coach
Epigenetics, Nutrition, Weight lifting and Growth Mindset Coaching
Ethan is the founder of Genoptimal, providing high performance epigenetic coaching services from Wellington, New Zealand, and extending virtually worldwide. If you are a growth minded individual who constantly redefines their limits, you’ll know that whichever life arena you find yourself in, its good habits applied consistently, that compound into results over time. Genoptimal decodes your genetic blueprint across nutrition, supplementation, sleep, athletics, detoxification and hormones. Your unique user manual, coupled with client focused health & lifestyle goals, are framed into a practical epigenetic coaching program. Ethans’ education is the convergence of a BSc in Reproduction, Genetics & Development; nine years in pharmaceuticals harnessing cell biology to manufacture vaccines; and ten years of body conditioning through weightlifting. Ethans’ mission is to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to chart your personal road map, teaching you how to best tailor your life to reach your goals and generate your optimal self.