Richard Gamiz

Physician Assistant
Epigenetic Human Performance Coach
Richard Gamiz is the Creator of Live Healthstrong and the Panogenix Coaching™ model. He started Live Healthstrong after 27 years in healthcare. Originally a Paramedic in Miami, Richard decided to become a Physician Assistant. As a Physician Assistant, he has worked with renowned Neuro and Orthopedic surgeons in Miami and Jacksonville, FL Assisting in thousands of joint replacement surgeries and spinal fusions has given Richard an insight into pain and function that few have. His vast experience of listening to patients to find what is important to them has helped Richard become a very valuable coach. Disillusioned with a sickcare system that does little more than manage disease states, drove Richard to develop Live Healthstrong’s Panogenix Coaching™ approach to Optimization of Health and Human Performance to provide an individualized approach to health and human performance. “We all have an untapped potential inside of us that the science of Genomics and Epigentics has opened a door to.”