Alex Lee

Integrative Coach
Integrative Performance Coaching
Alex is well-established in the human development arena. He believes in the alignment of personal values in all aspects of life, in order to live our fullest and make the most of our experiences. As part of his focus, Alex brings with him strong expertise in nutrition, fitness, and other elements essential to living a fulfilling life. In addition to being an Apeiron Human Performance Coach, Alex is also a certified Precision Nutrition Coach, a personal trainer certified by the American Council on Exercises (ACE), and an evidence-based Henselmans Certified Coach. Alex flexibly assimilates his diverse expertise into a tailor-made solution that will best address your goals and concerns on fitness, health and well-being. Other certifications: Integrative Enneagram Coach, ICI Life and Executive Coach, SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence Coach Alex will partner you in a longer-term journey and a personalized experience towards building a more joyful and enriching life.