Thank you for your interest in Apeiron. Please enjoy our FAQ section designed to support you in discovering what can be possible for you when you enroll to become an Epigenetic Precision Performance Coach!

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Apeiron Epigenetic Coach. Please enjoy our FAQ section designed to support you in discovering what is possible for you when you enroll to become a certified Coach!

As a coach, you will learn how to guide your clients through epigenetics leveraging data and technology to access and optimize their enhanced states of health. Using our proprietary reporting, you will be able to guide your clients into limitless states. You will be trained to interrupt the genetic data, then personalize and recommend precise strategies for your clients. When you connect a client with their unique potential, they become inspired and empowered to take action, which leads to transformation.

A client works with an epigenetic coach to gain individualized, actionable strategies.  This requires interaction with a certified epigenetic coach who understands the complexity of the human system.   This specialized service is not automatable, and not available thought any other company.  This is the Apeiron difference.

We have a diverse student population;

  • 25% prescribing doctors and clinicians,
  • 25% natural health non prescribing doctors and clinicians,
  • 30% health, nutrition and fitness coaches.
  • 10% biohackers, many of whom came from corporate careers and decided to become a coach after their own health experience and
  • 5% mental health professionals.

While health and wellness professionals are drawn to this certification, it is open to anyone interested in learning how to optimize their own, or their clients, health.

Do I Have to Have a Medical, Health or Coaching Background to Enroll?

No, our program will teach you the science of genetics and epigenetics along with the art of coaching.

The Level 1 Epigenetic Certification is a self paced program, accessible online from any type of device.  Although self-paced, we have two class participation recommendations you can follow: a 3 month certification guide or a 12 month certification guide.

As a student, you will have access to sell our proprietary illumina array genetic test kits and reports to your clients.

Our array offers the most advanced capture of raw data compared to any other genetic array, (over 750,000 single nucleotide polymorphisms, (SNPS) and has a 99.8 accuracy rate.  Where other companies like 23&Me look at diagnostic information, we offer the most lifestyle SNP’s that show where and how to positively impact the human system.

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Thank you for your interest in our academy.  If you are ready to join the global leaders, enroll today.

In Our Limitless Expression,

Team Apeiron